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Armand Amar - Best Of (Collection - 53 minutes playlist)

00:00 Armand Amar - Desert Peace
06:05 Armand Amar - La Genèse
11:27 Armand Amar - Maryam
14:05 Armand Amar & Lévon Minassian - From the album "Songs from a world apart
19:26 Armand Amar & Lévon Minassian - Doudouk
26:19 Armand Amar - La Terre vue du ciel
36:28 Armand Amar - Cum Dederit
41:29 Armand Amar - Life I
44:37 Armand Amar - Rake The Forest
49:11 Armand Amar - Le Reve De Salomon

Armand Amar (born 1953) is an Israeli-born French composer, who grew up in Morocco. He won the 2010 César Award for Best Music Written for a Film for Le Concert (Radu Mihaileanu).
Amar was born in Jerusalem, to an Israeli mother and a Jewish-Moroccan father with a French passport. As a child, he immigrated to Morocco with his father. In 1968, he began playing the congas. He also practiced the tabla and the zarb in the following years.

In 1976 he met South African choreographer Peter Goss, who introduced him to dance. In the subsequent years, he worked with a number of choreographers in contemporary dance.

His works are focused particularly on Eastern music. He is the author of several ballets and soundtracks films such as Get up and walk, The Trail, Indigenous, Live and Become, The First Cry, Earth from Heaven, "Bab'Aziz and Home. He has also collaborated twice with Costa Gavras, scoring Amen. and The Ax.
He founded the label Long Distance in 1994 with his partners Alain Weber and Peter Gabriel.

Movies: 2002: Amen. (Costa-Gavras) 2004: Taboos (Zohre & Manouchehr) (Mitra Farahani) 2005: Live and Become (Radu Mihaileanu) 2005: The Ax (Costa-Gavras) 2006: The Trail (Eric Valli) 2006: Bab'Aziz (Nacer Khemir) 2006: Glory (Bouchareb) 2006: Blame It on Fidel (Julie Gavras) 2007: Cartouches Gauloises (Mehdi Charef) 2007: The First Cry (Gilles de Maistre) 2007: Like your father (Marco Caramel) 2008: The Maiden and the Wolves (Gilles Legrand) 2008: Sagan (Diane Kurys) 2009: Welcome (Philip Lioret) 2009: Eden Is West (Costa-Gavras) 2009: Miller, Van Gogh (Peter Knapp and François Bertrand) 2009: Home (Yann Arthus-Bertrand) 2009: Le Concert (Radu Mihaileanu) 2011: Tu Seras Mon Fils (Gilles Legrand) 2013: A Thousand Times Good Night (Erik Poppe)
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